Below are some links to media, and other sites, that have featured Chef William.

7 Feb 2023, New Hampshire Chronicle
Sweets for your Sweet
Tonight, sweet treats that are perfect to please any tastebuds. In Merrimack say oui to Cremeux French Patisserie turning out authentic French delights, and in Somersworth chocolate is being churned at the highest quality with the most unique flavors…

9 Feb 2022, Portsmouth Herald
Passion you can eat: Seacoast chocolate makers share their favorite Valentine’s gifts
When it comes to Valentine’s Day, there’s one universally pleasing gift — chocolate. You pretty much can’t go wrong with it — especially locally-made chocolate…

4 October 2021, Confectionary Production
Spotlight on William Poole confections
Neill Barston, editor of Confectionery Production magazine, speaks exclusively to US-based confectioner and chocolatier William Poole on setting up his latest artisan business in America. He explores some of the major challenges in setting up the company, including handling the pandemic, and discusses some of his key inspirations…

4 October 2021, Confectionary Production
Devising true artisan confectionery artforms
The artisan confectionery sector has seen significant growth in recent years – US-based chocolatier William Poole recounts his notable career as it enters a fresh chapter as he sets out to create a new venture. Neill Barston reports…

28 Sept 2021, Fosters Daily Democrat
Fairy Tale in Chocolate
Wm. Poole Confections is focused on presenting items with unique flavor combinations, vintage castings from Poole’s personal collection of antique seasonal chocolate molds, hand-dipped truffles…

20 Oct 2017, The Keen Sentinel
Kid in a Candy Store
Picking out a treat from Porter Hill Sweets in New Ipswich is more than just selecting something to satisfy your sweet tooth. Each handcrafted bit of chocolate goodness comes with its own story that tells not only of the artisan method by which it was crafted, but of the history behind its creation…

12 Apr 2017, NH Chronicle
Easter Chocolates
Everybody has their fingers crossed that the bunny will be bringing some sweet stuff in his basket, but two local chocolatiers are ready to step in and help him out. From antique bunny molds to beautifully decorated eggs…

28 Mar 2016, Monadnock Ledger Transcript
For local baker, it’s bright lights, big kitchen
Ready, set, bake! William Poole of New Ipswich is no stranger to the kitchen. Originally trained as a pastry chef, Poole has mainly made his living as a sweet-maker, and now makes his living with Porter Hill Sweets through his mainly-online sale of his hand-made chocolates, toffees and caramels…

29 Jan 2010, Westword
Sugar High
Chocolatier Will Poole, the owner of Wen Chocolates, has an affinity for the obscure. Soon after we enter his little shop at 1541 Platte Street, he thrusts an intricately designed white Pandora truffle into our hands and tells us the recipe is based on a 16th-century aphrodisiac formula…

15 Sept 2008, The Denver Post
Denver’s best chocolate truffles and edible gifts
Funny, isn’t it, how chocolate cravings can strike at any moment, even the middle of the night? Stock up for those wee-hour cravings with a visit to Wen Chocolates…

2008, Westword
Best of Denver
Artisan chocolatier William Poole starts his small-batch truffles with a base of fine, additive-free Guittard chocolate and cream. Then he fearlessly tosses in a pinch of paprika or chili powder…

5 Sept 2006, Food Network – Road Tasted
Colorado: The Wild West