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Gluten Free · Nut Free

Four, 1-ounce bars made from single origin and rare chocolate, sealed in clear, compostable packaging.

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Gluten Free · Nut Free

Four, 1-ounce bars made from single origin and rare chocolate, sealed in clear, compostable packaging.

55% Kokoleka

Is one of the only chocolates grown in the US on the Wailua Estate, on the north shore of Oahu, Hawaii. The chocolate offers a bouquet of tropical floral scents, hints of banana and pineapple with an acidic fruit peak. Very slight underlying coffee/tannic base with a gentle tang. Single-Origin Chocolate.

Ingredients: Dole Waialua Estate, North Shore Oahu, Hawaii cacao beans, pure cane sugar, cocoa butter, (soy) lecithin, vanilla beans. Artisan-crafted on traditional grinding mills that also make milk chocolate.

Contains: SOY (lecithin)

65% Ecuadorian

This chocolate reveals an initial acidity that is immediately followed by notes of tropical and candied fruits. It is a powerful chocolate with a long lasting finish. Panela- a traditional organic unrefined sugar produced by local sugar cane farmers near Quito. Its rich flavor complements the final nutty aromas of the chocolate. Single-Origin Chocolate.

Ingredients: cocoa mass from Ecuador, sugar, cocoa butter, whole sugar cane (panela), emulsifier ((soya) lecithin E322), natural vanilla extract, (whole milk powder).

Contains: DAIRY, SOY (lecithin).

65% Madagascar Madirofolo

In the north of Madagascar, the Madirofolo plantation is surrounded by tamarind trees which give the beans their unique fruity flavor. Very sour with a high cocoa content, this dark couverture chocolate reveals a certain bitterness and fruity, citrus notes. Single-Origin Chocolate.

Ingredients: Organic unsweetened chocolate from Madagascar, organic cane sugar, organic cocoa butter, organic (soy) lecithin, organic natural Bourbon Vanilla bean seeds.

Contains: SOY (lecithin)

68% Peruvian Nacional, Fortunato No. 4

Historically, this chocolate was synonymous with fine chocolate and the dominant fine chocolate of its day. Latin American cacao trees were struck by diseases in 1916. Within three years, 95% were destroyed and less than 5% remained, leaving a void in the chocolate world. This fine chocolate was thought be forever lost. In 2007, Dan Pearson and Brian Horsley stumbled upon trees with large football-shaped fruit pods in a remote Marañón Canyon in the Peruvian Naćional Valley. Many pods contained 40% white and 60% purple beans, and in some, 100% white beans. In short, these pods contained the same variety of cacao beans, the rarest in the world, as the Pure Naćional, and was named Fortunato No.4.

The Fortunato No.4 name derives from two facts: first, the Pure Nacional “mother tree” was found in the Marañon River Canyon on the property of the Fortunato family and second, the USDA declared the fourth genetic sample tested to be the legendary lost cacao. Single-Origin-Rare Chocolate.

Ingredients: Organically grown cacao and cocoa butter, cane sugar.

Manufacturer: Wm Poole Confections
Country of origin: USA. Cocoa beans: Oahu, Ecuador, Madagascar, Peru

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